DVD Shrink 2015 compatible with Windows 10

DVD Shrink 2015 compatible with Windows 10

While analyzing DVD Shrink 2015 you will see many different new features like: Blu-Ray converter and the Burn Engine Included in the software. But this is only the most visible part of the software new features that makes it very far from the old version. We have now compatibility with all the latest DVDs, CDs and Blu-Rays.

We have a powerful decrypter which allows you to create DVDs compatible with any DVD Reader and much more. You can now choose from a variety of output format for your PC, Tablet and Smart Phone, both Android and Apple. This incredible feature makes DVD Shrink 2015 the most versatile tool to back up and burn any DVD on the market today. Try a free trial here discover all his functions and if you are happy with it go for a lifetime license!

DVD Shrink 2015 is compatible with Windows Xp, Vista, 7,8,8.1 and Windows 10. The newer version is much faster in the decryption and in the burning, more solid will never let you down and most important DVD Shrink 2015 ensure that you will have maximum compatibility with any CD or DVD on the market. Another important feature will allow you to see how much you are Shrinking you Video, you will also able to check the output quality even before you start the Shrinking process so that you will not loose any time in check it after the movie have been already shrinked. This thanks to the new decrypter software of the latest generation.

The user friendly interface makes it really easy to use, but if you still have doubt or questions feel free to contact our customer support here: asknow@online-support-now.com. Don’t miss DVD Shrink 2015!

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